Why are the Media afraid to be Journalist?

During this presidential election cycle, we will hear much from the media about what women want; what women need; what women should want; what women do not want.  The fact that there are many very different, interesting, well-educated and professional candidates running for the highest, most esteemed office in the world is belittled by the fact that the media’s focus is generally  on a politician’s position in the abortion debate or how they may have reacted in a situation over 10 years ago.     Much of the media is following unannounced candidates who have name recognition and not those who have actually thrown their proverbial hat into the ring.

In any event, unbeknownst to much of the media,  Americans have many varied interest, concerns and passions.    For example, the persecution of Christians, the increasing looting and mob mentality of protesters within the US,  the advance of ISIL, the uninformed American,  the overreach and expansion of government, the economy, and the wasteful spending in education are just a few of the concerns  at the forefront of many a taxpayer’s mind.

– Christians daily face ridicule, stereotype and insult in the U.S.  But that’s bliss compared to what Christians in the Middle East are facing – rape, mutilation, slavery, crucifixion and murder.

– The recent escalation of criminal mob protesters has brought to our doorsteps concerns of anarchy never previously faced in my lifetime.  Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Seattle, one right after the other,  our cities are falling into chaos because those in leadership positions are siding with the criminal and, although literally standing behind the peace officers, they are not standing with the peace officers.

– ISIL is advancing across the globe at an alarming rate, yet the world is seemingly oblivious to their evil.  “Perhaps if we don’t notice they’ll go away” seems to be the strategy du jour for fighting this evil.

– Americans today are also oblivious to many of the above concerns.  Being uninformed and self centered appears to be how many go through their day.

– Our government wants to tell us what to eat, feed our children, what size soft drink to drink, what kind of light bulb to use, etc.   Yet, the government does not want to do its constitutional obligations of protecting our borders; protecting us from terrorist; and punishing those who break our laws.

– Our schools have amazing classrooms with the most advanced technology in the most beautiful buildings.   Its fabulous, right?  No, because we have government-imposed common core lessons taught by underpaid and overworked disciplinarians.  The teachers are not allowed to teach our children history, math, science, art, music and physical education because they are too busy teaching them how to fail a test they cannot pass!

This presidential election cycle should have these concerns debated and discussed in the town halls, on the news shows and during the talk shows.    Articles should be written addressing the various candidates’ proposed solutions.   The media should be educating the uninformed American, and  asking the slick politician the tough questions concerning his/her position.  Let’s have a real debate this election cycle and stay informed and focused on what is most important to bring back America.

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