New Year, New Me, Again

Ugh, that title!  But it’s true isn’t it.  Towards year end, the realization sets in about how many goals I failed to achieve;  how much weight I failed to lose; how spiritually mature I did not become; how much better my relationships are not; and no, all my bills are not paid off.  Revisiting those goals is heartbreaking.  And yet, am I surprised that I did not accomplish all that I set out to do on December 31, 2014?

No, not really.  As the saying goes, you cannot expect different results from doing the same thing.  Each year is spent repeating the same mistakes from the previous year.  I strive to lose the weight; I strive to achieve financial balance; I strive to become spiritually mature; and I strive to change who everyone else is.  I know better.  Only God can change anyone, not me.  Each year I have a plan to let God be God.  And each year I strive.

Apparently God’s not going to let it work that way.  So, this year, I am going to do what I know and let God do the rest.   Not strive, just do my part.

So, let’s see.   Today, what do I know?

  1. I know that in order to grow in my relationship with Jesus I have to talk WITH Him more, not at Him.  And that I must listen to hear His voice.
  2.  I know that to lose weight I have to eat clean and exercise.
  3. I know that in order to improve my relationships with others I have to be present and listen.
  4. I know that in order to save more I have to spend less.
Okay, that’s simple, right?  Apparently not.  However, I intend to put into practice what I know.  Knowledge is key to change.   So, here goes.

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