My New Me Year

Ashley on top of the world! (2)Sometimes our goals can be oppressive and sometimes we let them be.  Our goals are not forced upon us.  We set them.  We choose how high, how many and how big our goals are going to be.  So, why then do they seem so daunting?   Why do we give up?  Quit trying?  Revert to the same old ways?

I think we set our goals based on what we truly want and then, when we realize that we have to do the work; we have to put in the time; and  we have to make the hard choices in order to accomplish those goals,  we just give up!     I want that energetic, healthier me.  BUT I don’t want to do the hard work for her.  I don’t want to wait for her to appear, and I don’t want to choose green beans over brownies.  (I don’t even like green beans!).    I would rather she just be handed to me.  Yes, please.  I’ll take that one in a size 8.

This year, however, (Yes, I KNOW its only Jan. 7th!) seems just a little different to me.   I am not so stressed about fitting it all in (or fitting into it).  I am not overly consumed by what I can or cannot have.   This year, it feels like I may just accomplish those goals.  Why does this year seem different?    I believe its because I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I cannot have it all and have it all at once.   I have truly changed my mindset regarding how and when my goals can be accomplished.

Defeat, self pity and tears have been thus far kept at bay by grace and humility.   Grace to be who I am, and the humility to be who I am.  The grace to extend to others and the humility to admit I cannot do this alone.   Grace to know that I cannot accomplish my goals immediately and all at one time, and the humility to admit I need to take it one simple small step at a time.   So far, instead of dreading the process, I am taking the time to enjoy the process and each simple step up.

This may very well be my New Me Year.


4 thoughts on “My New Me Year

  1. Your post was very inspiring you want to be healthy and loose weight but you are also comfortable in your own skin which is something many people lack. You were saying you want to be more healthy and fit. What are your plans for doing some of that this coming year ? Also what have you previously been trying to accomplish this goal ?


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