What’s in a Blog Name?

I’m not sure how long ago I came up with the name “Growth in Motion and Fitness.”  But it means something more to me now than it did when I chose it.   I will make an attempt  at explaining what that is.

At my age, you would think I should have it all together.  At least the 20 year old me had assumed that I would.  Looking back at that 20 year old me, I laugh thinking about how unimportant things like  Bible study, prayer, retirement,  education loans, sewing, nutrition, workout plans, presidential races, the size of government, homeschooling or marriage were to her.   And she would be COMPLETELY disgusted at the amount of time that (in her opinion) I wasted on them now.  Well, I grew.   She grew with me.  And we are still growing in many areas and hopefully, in many positive ways.  That is what I want to give here on my blog.  I want to share the journey, the process of growing and continuing to grow.   And there’s the name.

Growth in Motion and Fitness.

Photo Credit:  Ashley Cutwa Photography  Visit her blog at http://ashleycutwaphotography.com/blog/



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