Finding Mistakes

I read an interesting article at Tommy’s Blog  regarding the difficulties facing today’s print media journalist.  The article was very interesting, and I would recommend that you hop on over to read it.  Well, once you are finished here.    🙂

The article got me thinking about one of my biggest pet peeves with online journalist and eBook authors.    Proofreading!  It is practically nonexistent.  I was a secretary for over 25 years, and nothing drives me more crazy than reading an article or eBook with typos, grammatical errors, or spelling mistakes!   I’m serious.  It drives me crazy.

Yet, this is an area wherein print media excels.  When reading a magazine, newspaper or book, it is very rare for me to find an obvious error.   You can be sure that not only did the author read his/her work, but the editor and the proofreaders have also had their crack at it as well.

Not the same when reading an online article, blog post or eBook.  Errors abound.  Its as if the author didn’t read what he/she had written, let alone ask someone else to give it a go over before hitting send.  Too much is left up to auto correct and spellcheck.    When reading such an item, I’ve often asked myself (out loud on occasion) “Did anyone read this?”   Yes, out loud.

Anyway, that’s my take on print vs. online media.  Be sure to check out Tommy’s Blog for his take.     And please do let me know if you find an error in my work after reading this blog post.   That would just be hysterical.  🙂


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