Where Have All The Good Dems Gone?

This is embarrassing.  All right, I’ll just go ahead and put it out there.   I am a Democrat.  There.  Out in the open.  For all the world to read.
However,  I cannot be the only one embarrassed to say so.  Seriously,  look who the Democratic National Committee is putting up there and asking the nation at one of the most pivotal times in our history to choose as our President:  a lying, treasonous, money-grubbing,  claw-your-way-to-the-top-at-all-cost, nasty mean criminal OR a steal-from-the-too-stupid-people, bankrupt-the-nation and give-everything-to-the-smarter-wiser government socialist!  Neither of these candidates will want to, let alone be able to,  unite this country.  They use hate to control the masses.   Given what this nation is facing, uniting this country is absolutely necessary right now.  So, are we crazy?  We, the party of diversity?  Who is believing that line?  Take a look at what we are offering

democrats  Oh yeah, The Other Guy? Nobody even let’s him talk.  Someone please let him talk.  Maybe he’s what we are looking for.  But we don’t know because the media and everyone else thus far has ignored him.  Maybe he should go on some of the News shows, maybe even the ones that the Democratic National Committee fears.  Dare I say Fox?   The Democrats thus far have been hiding from everyone their slate of candidates.  Hmm, do you really wonder why?  I bet if the Other Guy went on a real news show, people would start to pay attention.  Maybe everyone would be like “Oh, there is a sane choice?  Yay!”  Who knows?  Let us find out.

Here’s what the other side is putting up AND, I might add, for all of the world to see.  These candidates go on all the news shows and have debates on news stations when people are willing to listen.  There not afraid to be seen, interviewed and challenged on their positions.  (Do our candidates even have positions? Well, other than “I will give you for free . . .?”)

Republicans In which picture do you see diversity?
Is there no one out there in the Democratic Party that wants to put our country back on its feet?  Is there no one on our side of the isle willing to stand up and say that he/she truly wants to make America a united, safe, economically sound country again?

Real Democrats do exist.  I know you’re out there!  We don’t have to vote for criminals or socialist.  We don’t have to hide in the shadows and secretly vote Republican.  WE DO NOT HAVE TO WIN AN ELECTION BY COERCING OUR YOUNG PEOPLE OR THE POOR OF THIS NATION.   We should not be afraid to make our voices heard.  We need to demand our party step up and step out of the crazy and put up candidates that ALL of America can and will get behind.

One thought on “Where Have All The Good Dems Gone?

  1. My new English blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award. At Blogging 101 I came accross your blog. I decided to nominate you also as I liked your blog. I am about to publish this nomination within the next hour. You may check out for the details on http://motivationofchristianlove.wordpress.com
    Only just now I noticed you have been doing the same exercise just a few days ago. Yet now I am about to publish my post and somw who received my comment may be waiting for that. It is too late for me to look for other blogs.
    I can fully understand you probably will not be interested in doing the same now all over again. Or who knows? Anyway I appreciate the concept of your blog and on my part I would nominate you! Greetings and God bless!


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