A Weekly Feature is Coming!


Character Studies are interesting pastimes, and a great way to learn life’s lessons.    You get to delve into someone else’s life.  Participate in their good times and their bad.  Weigh their actions and reactions.   Ask yourself

What happened?

How did they handle it?

What could they have done differently?

What do you think you might have done or not done?

What lessons can be taken from this study?

I wrote the other day about George Müller and what I had learned and applied from his life.   I enjoyed the process.  Getting to know George Müller and the work he loved.  His nefarious beginnings and humble end.  And I believe I have grown spiritually from my study of George Müller’s life.

Therefore, I have decided to add this weekly feature to my blog.  The character chosen may not always be from the past, nor a positive influence.  But I believe that a weekly character study will help me to grow as a person, and the desire to share what I learn is just a wonderful gift from God.  So, I hope you will look forward to this new feature I’m calling

Wednesday’s What a Character!

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