The Lack of Unity

There’s been so much talk lately about the lack of unity in many areas of our lives especially where race, gender, economic status and politics are concerned.  There is talk of a division among the Republicans, discord among the Democrats, disparity between the affluent and the poor; disharmony between men and women; disagreement between blacks and the whites.  And all of this has played out in the media over this past week in the race for the president and the coverage of the Super Bowl.

However, on Wednesday, I had the most relaxing, interesting and wonderful afternoon I’ve had in a very long time.    I attended a Bible Study at an acquaintance’s home.  There were 7 women attending the study  from almost as many different churches.  We learned, shared and prayed together and then, after the study, we all got out our sewing machines to work together on a sewing project.   During our sewing time, we shared pictures of our sewing projects, talked about our sewing machines and got to know each other a little bit better.   The joint project brought us together, and it was such a fun time.

What project were we working on?   What does my latter paragraph have to do with my former paragraph?

Let’s first talk about the project.  The sewing project we were working on is called Luopads.  GainUSA is the organization behind the Luopad project.   A women’s issue yes, and one that the women sewing that afternoon understood.  We could all sympathize with the women in Zimbabwe across the many miles and in spite of the many differences in our lifestyles.  The women at the sewing table, themselves, were all very different from each other; different religious traditions, different economic statuses, different lifestyles.   Yet, none of that mattered that snowy afternoon as we came together in unity to work on a problem that we had the skills and the materials to help solve.  This all may seem irrelevant and unimportant to many, but not to the women in Zimbabwe.   And not to those of us sewing around that table on a Wednesday afternoon.  That’s the project.

Now, what does my sharing my Wednesday afternoon have to do with the uproar over the Super Bowl and the squabbling  occurring in the Presidential Race?  Well, I’ll tell you.  The One thing that brought us together that afternoon to sew for women we don’t know; women we probably will never meet and who live in a country 7, 856 miles from us is Jesus.  Jesus is the reason we were together.  Jesus is the reason we were sewing.  And Jesus is the reason we had a heart to sew for those women.  Race didn’t matter.  Economic status didn’t matter.  Political preferences didn’t matter.   (I’ll give you the gender one.)

What did matter is that the women at the sewing table all love Jesus.  And Jesus loves them, and Jesus loves the women in Zimbabwe.   Therefore, we all came together in unity and love to contribute the talents and gifts Jesus gave us to help one another.    The Unity found in Jesus united the women of that Bible Study to work on a project for the women of Zimbabwe.  Unity is what is missing today in every aspect above mentioned and what is needed to resolve the issues above mentioned.  And true unity can only be found in Jesus Christ.

to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment

–to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.

Ephesians 1:10 NIV


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