Where did I go?

So, I have been very lax in posting lately.  This laxness has reared its ugly head in each area of my life.  My mindset, my diligence, my confidence, my business and my physical endurance have all slowly been negatively influenced by this neglect.  Really?  Yes, its true.  By letting one area slide, I have found it much easier to let other areas slide.  I’m not saying that my inattention to my blog is the sole cause leading to my being remiss in other areas, but what I will say is that  my blog is not the only area I have become sloppy in.  I have become indifferent in general.  In all areas of my life where I want to be diligent, goal-oriented and on-point, I have become the opposite.

In turn, when my head is in the game, when I have a plan, when I stick to a schedule and when I am faithful in doing each task, I think that each area of my life is positively affected.  Its like a snowball rolling down a mountain.  Each turn adds another layer.  I can relax in the evening because I have checked off the tasks that I wanted to complete for that day.  I go to bed feeling accomplished and successful, and therefore, I wake up believing that I can achieve the goals I have set for the day ahead.  You see?  Each turn of the snowball gets me one step closer to my overall goals.

Where am I going with this, well, I have some plans brewing for changes.  I am not going to let this inattentiveness ferment the way I did last year and just let a whole year slip away from me without making any positive steps forward.  I have caught myself well in advance of such a drastic slide, and I am going to jump back on the ladder. (Hmm, chutes and ladders metaphor) Beginning next week, I will be adding some new features to this blog and sharing them with my Growth in Motion and Fitness  page.  I believe these features will be helpful, informative and interesting, and I hope you will benefit from them and in turn share them.



One thought on “Where did I go?

  1. I love that you are so self aware. Good on ya for being honest and instead of making excuses, you know what and how to change. You are going to crush it this summer.


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