Rebuilding Unity in America

Rebuilding unity in our country is going to be quite a challenge for whomever is elected as president of our nation.   So much has changed in such a short amount of time, and this rapid transformation has affected the way we see and communicate with each other.   Such negative alteration is not so easily undone.   People no longer trust each other.   Everyone is viewed as having an ulterior motive.   If you disagree with someone’s point of view, you are immediately assaulted with juvenile, name-calling attacks.

Example A.    Any disagreement or disapproval of the current President’s policies is viewed as racism.   This view has been fully blown into riots, destruction of property and personal physical attacks on people.  In a country where our President IS black, I would assume that racism should not be a problem.  True equality is had when a disagreement of policy and/or ideology can be had using civil discourse, not name-calling attacks.   No one person will receive the benefit of having everyone agree with what they say all the time.  Therefore, people can and will disagree with the president WITHOUT that meaning they are racist.

Example B.   Women for years have been  striving for equality, and yet, many women believe we should choose our next president based on gender.  That’s not equality.  It’s sexist.   There were two woman in the race for president, and one of the women was demeaned and insulted because she did not follow the feminist line.   The personal attacks on her would demonstrate that “being a woman” is not the only qualification they perceive as necessary for president.    “An historic achievement” they now say after having torn down one woman who did not meet their ideological standards.   Yes, the event is historic.   However, if you truly wish the event to be historic, then the choice SHOULD BE based on the best person for the job.    The President should be chosen, as always, for his/her ability to lead the nation in the right direction.

Our country faces an uphill battle to regain civility, the lack of which is highlighted hourly in our 24/7 news cycles.    Rebuilding unity will take each and everyone of us.  Our future president must be someone who can and will inspire our nation to become the beacon of freedom it once was.


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