Interior Growth


New Year, new beginning, new motivation and new hope.  Yeah.  That’s not where I started this year.  I was angry.  I was disappointed, and I was frustrated.  Angry at myself for letting yet one more year pass with no movement in the right direction (although there was plenty of movement in the wrong direction).    Disappointed with myself for not following through with the same goals I make every year.  And frustrated with myself for leaning on the same crutches I always do; this new diet plan and this new exercise program.

But, I do not want to continue to be angry, disappointed and frustrated.    I want to learn from past experiences.  I KNOW what I need to do to be successful on this journey to wellness.  I need to listen and obey.  Listen to what the Spirit is telling me and obeying His voice.  Ah ha, but that’s the hard part isn’t it?  Obeying?   Telling myself “No?”    I don’t LIKE to tell myself “No.”   I can justify every bite, morsel or slice of food I put in my mouth.  I deserve a treat, don’t I?    It is much easier to put the responsibility on a diet book author or a fitness expert.  Their diet or program just doesn’t work for me.   No, I didn’t do the work required to succeed in the program.

However, this continued mindset of anger, disappointment and frustration  is only going to help me grow in ways I do not want to.  I do not need to spend one more dime on a new program or a new diet book.  I have shelves and drawers of both.  What I need is to use the tools that God has already given to me; a heart for Him and the faith to believe that He will lead me in the right direction.  I need to develop the discipline and self-control that are gifts from Him to those who believe in Him.   By using the tools I have, I can and will develop the discipline and self-control I need to live a healthy life.

Yes, it is a New Year.  Yes, I do have a new beginning.  Yes, I do have new motivation and YES, YES, YES, I do have renewed Hope.

Happy New Year!


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