Rebuilding Unity in America

Rebuilding unity in our country is going to be quite a challenge for whomever is elected as president of our nation.   So much has changed in such a short amount of time, and this rapid transformation has affected the way we see and communicate with each other.   Such negative alteration is not so easily… Continue reading Rebuilding Unity in America

The Lack of Unity

There’s been so much talk lately about the lack of unity in many areas of our lives especially where race, gender, economic status and politics are concerned.  There is talk of a division among the Republicans, discord among the Democrats, disparity between the affluent and the poor; disharmony between men and women; disagreement between blacks… Continue reading The Lack of Unity

Why are the Media afraid to be Journalist?

During this presidential election cycle, we will hear much from the media about what women want; what women need; what women should want; what women do not want.  The fact that there are many very different, interesting, well-educated and professional candidates running for the highest, most esteemed office in the world is belittled by the… Continue reading Why are the Media afraid to be Journalist?