Wednesday’s What a Character?!

I’ve been reading in Leviticus in my devotional time, and I find myself wondering quite a bit about Aaron.  He really did have a tough calling.  In the book of Exodus, we read that he crossed the dessert to visit a brother he didn’t really know.  When he got there, his brother asked him to… Continue reading Wednesday’s What a Character?!

The Lack of Unity

There’s been so much talk lately about the lack of unity in many areas of our lives especially where race, gender, economic status and politics are concerned.  There is talk of a division among the Republicans, discord among the Democrats, disparity between the affluent and the poor; disharmony between men and women; disagreement between blacks… Continue reading The Lack of Unity

A Weekly Feature is Coming!

  Character Studies are interesting pastimes, and a great way to learn life’s lessons.    You get to delve into someone else’s life.  Participate in their good times and their bad.  Weigh their actions and reactions.   Ask yourself What happened? How did they handle it? What could they have done differently? What do you think you… Continue reading A Weekly Feature is Coming!

It’s Monday and I Made It!

Wow, this past week has been outrageous!  So little and yet so much has happened.  Initially, I started out with the hope of finishing our “tour” of Europe (last stop Germany); our book on George Müller; Group 33 in Spelling Power and our semester of Math so that we could start Monday fresh:  a new continent… Continue reading It’s Monday and I Made It!